Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any charges for using the card?
There is no charge or fee for using the BigAppleRx discount prescription card; but you still have to pay for your medication.
Who can use the card?
The card is available to everyone living, working or visiting New York City; regardless of age, income, citizenship, or health insurance status.
How do I use the card?
Take your BigAppleRx card to a participating New York City pharmacy and show the card and your prescription to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will process your card and tell you the cost of your medication.
How much of a discount can I expect for my medication?
With the BigAppleRx card, you can expect to save an average of 18% on brand name and 55% on generic medications. You will receive the best price available to you through this program at the pharmacy. On occasion, the pharmacies may price a particular medication lower than the discount rate provided by the card. If that is the case, you will receive the lower price.
Are all medications covered?
You can use the BigAppleRx card for all prescription medications, and you can also save on over-the-counter medications such as smoking cessation aids and diabetic supplies as long as you have a valid prescription.
Do I need more than one card for my family?
No, one card can be used by the entire family. Any member of the household can participate in the discount program.
How do I receive a card?
The card can be obtained here. Cards can also be picked up at many neighborhood businesses, community organizations, City Agencies and City Council Offices.
How do I find a pharmacy in my neighborhood that accepts this card?
You can use our pharmacy locator or call 311 or 1-888-454-5602 and a customer representative will help you find an NYC pharmacy close to where you live or work.
Can I use the BigAppleRx card outside of New York City?
Yes, there are over 58,000 pharmacies nationwide that will accept the card.
How does BigAppleRx differ from prescription insurance?
This is not insurance; it is a prescription discount program. When you present the card at a participating pharmacy, a discount is taken off the regular retail price of the prescription.
Can I use the card with my current prescription insurance?
No, you cannot use BigAppleRx in combination with any other discount card or with other insurance. However, you can use the card to get medication that your insurance does not pay for.
Is there a limit to how many prescriptions I can get at a discount?
No. There is no limit on the number of prescriptions you can fill with this card. You may use the card as often as needed as long as you have a prescription.
Will my BigAppleRx card expire?
Can Medicare Part D participants use the card?
Yes, the BigAppleRx card can help you save on your prescriptions in the “donut hole” phase, when participants must pay the full cost of their medications until they reach an out-of-pocket maximum.
Can I use the card for my pets’ drugs?
Yes, if there is a human equivalent available and the medication can be picked up at a participating pharmacy. However, you may not use the card to receive discounts on medications from a veterinarian.
How can I receive help if I have a question, or a problem using the card?
Customer representatives at 1-888-454-5602 can assist you with any questions. Assistance is also available to persons who speak a language other than English. TDD/TTY service is available by calling 1-800-662-1220 or 711.
What should I do if a participating pharmacy will not accept the card or does not know about the card?
The BigAppleRx card is accepted at most pharmacies in the 5 boroughs, including major chains and independent pharmacies. We are frequently adding pharmacies to our network. Please call 1-888-454-5602 so that we can follow up with the pharmacy.
Why was the price different than quoted on your website or when I called?
While we make every reasonable effort to update and verify the information provided, we cannot guarantee that the price you see on the website is the price you will pay at the pharmacy. All prices are subject to change without notice. We suggest you check with the respective pharmacies directly, to verify the price. Prices shown on our website or provided over the phone may not reflect the current price at any given pharmacy, and we cannot guarantee the final price you will pay.
Who is the administrator of the BigAppleRx card program?
Catamaran, a national Pharmacy Benefit Manager, is administering the BigAppleRx card program on behalf of the City of New York.
Who pays for the discount that I receive?
We have negotiated discounts with our pharmacy network. The savings and discounts are then passed on to you at the pharmacy.
I had a problem receiving my discount at a pharmacy.
We are sorry you did not receive a discount on your medication. We recommend that you check prices for your medication with other participating pharmacies in your area by using the pricing tool at The greatest possible discounts through the BigAppleRx card are on generic medications. If you are taking a brand medication or one that is new to the market, the discount may be less than that for the generic equivalent. In addition, some brand and newer medications may not be discounted due to manufacturer control over pricing.
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